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London Calling

So here we are... Day 4 of 183 (well we hope it's that many)! And we're still exhausted! I think now it's a bit less the jet-lag, and a bit more the copious amounts of walking we've been doing. But hey! We're on holidays right! That's the way it's supposed to be. The amount of incredible culture and history we've seen this week alone has been phenomenal! So here's a little run down:

I last posted on Monday night so we'll kick it off from Tuesday morning (ignoring the 5am chat Maddie and I enjoyed when we were both wide awake again). Tuesday was a bit of deja vu, kicking the day off with another ride on the hop-on hop-off bus. However, the weather was a little less favourable than Monday so we couldn't go watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Bummer! That being said we did get to see some bits of London we hadn't really paid attention to the day before. We especially liked hanging out with the lions under the statue of Horatio Nelson in Trafalgar Square!
After that we were off for a walk across Tower Bridge, and a little look (from the outside) at the Tower of London. We were too cheap to pay to go inside, but i'm told it's worth a look if you're willing to pay.
After a tough morning of touring we headed along the river from Tower Bridge to find Borough Markets. A hard mornings touring deserves a hearty lunch right? A well, what we got was some mighty fine Ethiopian food that hit the spot perfectly. But our meal aside, Borough markets were great. Really great variety of foods and stalls and they seem pretty popular with the locals too!
At this point in typing I've realised I'm potentially dragging things out for you a little considering I'm only at lunch on day 1. But hang in there. The best is yet to come (queue Frank Sinatra singing).
Ploughing on now, it was time for a little ride on the Thames River (pronounce that one "Tems" if you're a bogan Aussie like me and you're trying to put a hard "Th" sound on it). This one we caught from Tower of London up the river to Westminster, and here's where things get good. stepping off the boat we had a perfect view of the London Eye on one side, Big Ben on the other, and the iconic London red buses crossing the bridge in the middle. Hows that for picture perfect!
But the standout by far this visit was Westminster Abbey. Be cheap as we are at the moment we were umming and ahhing about whether or not to pay the 20pound to go in or to just look from the outside. Well wasn't that the best decision we've made in a long time. The inside of that one building is absolutely astounding! If any of you watched the royal wedding you've probably seen just a glimpse of it. There is an incredible amount of history in there not to mention the beauty and craftsmanship. And so many tomb!!!! Like literally dead people everywhere! With probably about the coolest tombs you'll ever see in your life! Hundreds of kings, queens, scientists, saints, and the likes are all buried there. Needless to say, we were a little awestruck as we left the building!
From here we made our way home, but not with one little stop off first. Abbey Road! Now i'm not going to pretend to be a massive Beatles fan. I can appreciate their work but have never really been on board the Beatles express... But I feel like this is just one of those this that you have to do in life. have a photo on that pedestrian crossing. And with that little item ticked off, we headed home for a much needed rest, and some dry clothes.
Today was a little less hopping around from place to place, but still just a exciting! Today was Natural History Museum day. So if you remember on our first full day in London we did the London Dungeons. Well while we were there we got chatting to a guy that worked there and asked him what we needed to see while we were here. And boy are we glad we took his advice! Not only was this place "wicked" (in the words of Dungeon dude), but it's also free entry!!! Yes I know I look super tight with all this money talk... But i'm unemployed, so I'm allowed. But in all seriousness, the displays at the NHM were incredible! We spent around 4hrs totally in there today (with lunch time break to meet an old friend and her local markets), and we could have easily spent much more time there if we hadn't been trying to get through it all! Anything about the natural history of the world that you can think of, they have a display on it. And let's be honest. The dinosaur displays and skeletons are pretty "wicked". If ever you're in London it would definitely be on my must see list!
So that's the extent of our adventures so far. There'll be plenty more where that came from. So stay tuned ;)

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In The Beginning

The start of our Eurotrip '16

So it's finally happened!!!

I know many of you are aware that Maddie & I have been "planning" this trip for a long time now. And by "planning" I mean talking about how much we wanted to do it, but not really actually planning anything. 2 Australian's, 6 months in a campervan driving through Europe. What could go wrong? Well thankfully nothing has yet to our surprise. (apparently we're pretty good at this). BUT, it's only day 1.
So after spending 23hrs in an aeroplane, with only 30mins stop over we landed in London on Sunday 8th May. Our body's screaming at us that it was far too late to be still moving we found our way to Cricklewood and our accommodation at the humble time of 1pm. Props to our Uber driver for getting us here (by far the cheapest, easiest way to do it). Once we were settled into our AirBNB we set off for a nice stroll around town. Well wasn't that the last straw! After getting back to our room we made a pact to stay awake 'til 8pm in an attempt to minimise the jet lag. So, true to our word, we scoffed down dinner and were in bed fast asleep at 6:30pm (our stamina is astounding).

What an utterly thrilling day that was! But just like the old married couple we were imitating the day before, we were awake the next morning at the lovely time of 5am (thanks a million jet-lag). Never the less we had plans today and it was time to get them underway. In store; hop-on hop-off bus, London Eye & London Dungeons.
The hop-on hop-off bus has gotta be the best way to see the majority of London both the cheapest and easiest. You can get on and off as many times as you like, and with live tour guides you never miss a thing. And plus, who doesn't want to sit on top of an open, double-decker, red bus! we managed to see everything from Picadilly circus and Trafalgar square, to Westminster abbey, Buckingham Palace, and a bike ride through Hyde Park.
The highlight for me, however, was the London Dungeons. 1 and a half hours of twisted, spooky history, through dark tunnels and alleys (and one rather terrifyingly placed guillotine). its like a house of horrors that actually used to happen! The whole experience was fantastic; even the slight terror at times.
We followed this peaceful walk in the dark but a relaxing ride up the London Eye. It was great. definitely worth it for the view you get at the top. Unfortunately it did rain the entire time making the visibility a bit poor, but still worth a look (thanks London weather).
And now, after another quick lap on the bus. it's time for some much needed rest!

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